Representing wind speed

06 Aug 2013 by Chris

When playtesting the game, we are always looking for thematic story like events that we can use to tell the story of the game. Last night we had a situation looking a little like this:

Trying to get to Club Island - which way to go?

I needed to get to Club Island in a couple of turns. It’s interesting that I found myself saying: “I’ll take the North West route around that storm that’s due West, as the wind looks better there.”

What I meant was this: I was planning to get to the 8 of clubs at 1 north east of me in my first turn. I could then guarantee to get to Club Island on the second turn, as I could then use the 8 to move straight there. If I went South West, I might not get the card I needed at to 2 or 3.

Of course, I could go through the storm at 4, but then I’d have to place down an extra card to move there, which I could ill afford at the time.

It’s fun that upturned cards in the sea, left by others as they travel through, effectively represent known good/bad sailing conditions as you pass through, which is a lot like wind speed, and weather.

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