1.1.0: Burying treasure now part of main rules

09 Aug 2013 by Chris

We played with the “Burying treasure” variant last night. It was so fun that I immediately decided it had to be part of the main rules. It’s not that complicated and adds some interesting strategic options.

My motivation in burying my treasure was that I had a lot of face cards and two Aces, and only one crew card. Therefore I needed to cut my card count down in order to be able to drift, and not have to place a crew card, thereby building up a crew for an attack - you need at least two crew cards to attack at the moment. However, I left my treasure too close to my daughter’s ship: she promptly dig the lot up. I attacked her immediately, but was very unlucky and managed to draw two ‘2’ cards from her hand. She went on to win with 9 points to my 1. Ouch :)

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