New variant: Advanced Sailing (I really like this one)

30 Aug 2013 by Chris

I really like this last variant that we came up with on holiday. It makes the game so much more interesting and potentially much harder to play. It’s called Advanced Sailing.

The deal is this: when you want to land on an island you have you use a crew card that’s the same suit as the island suit that you’re trying to land on. That means that if you’re trying to land on Heart island, you must do this with a Heart crew card. You are also no longer allowed to drift onto an island square.

This can get extremely tricky. If a particular island is surrounded by a sea of cards with different suits, it’s a little bit like treacherous rocks before you get to the harbour. It’s hard to approach the island as you keep picking up cards of the wrong suit on the way. With three or four players you only have a few cards, so the cards you keep in your hand become even more difficult to deal with. You end up burying valuable cards in the vain hope that you might return for them later, only to have an opportunist pick them up.

Advanced Sailing demonstration

In this game, Club island is difficult to get to.

This variant is probably only worth trying when you’ve played a few times. It is trickier and more strategic, and can be quite frustrating, and results in lower scoring games. You might want to play with Simple Politics to keep the game length down.

See how it affects your games! Is it frustrating, or do you prefer the extra strategic choices? Let us know!

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