Version 1.0.1: rule clarifications

07 Aug 2013 by Chris

I’ve clarified a few rules after more play testing last night in version 1.0.1 of the rules:

Great fun was had last night. My 7 year old daughter attacked me twice in a row early on, without waiting for a perfect opportunity, which served her very well. She stripped my ship of all treasure maps and decent crew, leaving me to drift for the next few turns. She ended up winning her first game with 6 points to her old brother’s 5. I only scored 1 - clearly I need practice!

The game is quite variable in length - it really depends how many face cards get dealt initially, and whether they are hard to find or not. We took 30 minutes last night and ran out of time, although there were probably only 10 minutes or so left. If you do run out of time, it’s easy to simply count the points to decide the winner after any round.

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